Groupon Travel Deals

Groupon South Africa launched with a bang a few years ago, and they have continued to grow and gather popularity. One of the newest, and most popular, sections on Groupon is the Groupon Travel section.So what do we at CompareTravel think of the Groupon Travel Deals?
Overall they are really excellent value and a fantastic way to discover new places and accommodation options, which you would never have previously heard of. Further, you can often pick these up for more than 50% off the standard price, meaning that you really are saving a bundle. The only downside to these groupon travel deals is that they are typically quite restrictive in terms of date range(s) and that they can get sold out very quickly. However if you are flexible in terms of when you travel, then they can be a really money saver. Typically the companies that use groupon to promote their travel specials are the smaller, less well known ones, but that does not mean that they are not worth trying out – it just means you have not heard of them. However every now and then a larger, more well known travel company or hotel will offer an excellent travel discount.