Holiday Packages

Looking for a Holiday Package?

Although with the advent of the internet we have the tools and technology, as well as access to information, to put most of our travel together ourselves it is still useful and at times necessary to use a travel agent to help us. When it comes to simple, straightforward travel bookings, such as booking a domestic flight, or booking a quick weekend away to a hotel. However, when it comes to booking international holiday packages, it is almost always advisable to book through a travel agent. Travel agents are often provided with preferred partner prices, they are aware of any specials/discounts currently available, can make the bookings for international destinations and accept SA Rands, and they provide a person to contact if things go wring and you need assistance. Holiday packages are great as they typically include everything you’d need to “get away” so saving you running around trying to organise them individually. For example, most holiday packages would include return flights, return hotel transfers and the accommodation. Then additional items might be included into the package, such as meals (half board or full board), drinks, activities etc. These all work to add value to your holiday, and take the “strain” away from trying to remember to organise everything you’ll need. They also make it easier to budget, as you are aware of what is paid for and what you will be getting upfront. For example, on cruise packages, all your meals are included, but drinks are typically excluded.

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