Zanzibar Honeymoon Packages

Zanzibar Honeymoon Packages

Zanzibar is a spectacular African offering and the ideal place to experience a safari honeymoon. While some packages include flights from nearby major centres such as Johannesburg, most international flights are excluded and need to be organized separately. Meet and greets are generally offered from the airport in Zanzibar and transfers once in the country generally come standard. Accommodation in one of the lodges or hotels is very luxurious and arrival drinks make honeymooners feel welcome. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are normally included, and some packages have snacks built in for when mealtime is just too far away. Because Zanzibar is so well known for its wildlife offerings, many honeymoon packages to the area include safaris and tour guides. Entrance to the reserves and camping fees also get built in. moonlight safaris are often accompanied by a romantic dinner, and some evening entertainment is offered. This allows couples to experience some of the country’s culture whilst still having the days to enjoy the wonderful nature reserves.

General info

Zanzibar is the largest and most densely populated island of 3 islands just off the Tanzanian mainland. Situated in the Indian Ocean, Zanzibar sits between Pemba and Mafia, and together the 3 islands form the Zanzibar archipelago. While the official language spoken here is Swahili, English is widely spoken and communication with international visitors isn’t generally an issue. Religiously, the Islamic people dominate the country. Christianity and Hinduism however are also widely observed. An important thing to note is that Zanzibar is very African in how their shops and markets operate. The local currency is the Tanzanian Shilling and locals overinflate their prices when selling. It is expected that you haggle with the locals to get the price to a lower, more acceptable amount. Getting around Zanzibar is relatively easy. Taxis and minibuses ferry people throughout, and vehicle hire is also possible. Road signs however are virtually non-existent so it is often an idea to also hire a driver when hiring a car. This will also save you having to have an international drivers license and road permit. Hotel staff can assist you with arranging this. The climate in Zanzibar is determined by the Monsoon winds. Each new season starts with rains, and heavy rains generally fall from late April to early June. These rains usually hamper sightseeing and visiting during this time isn’t recommended. Zanzibar daytime temperatures average between 26 and 28 degrees Celsius. When planning a visit to the country, it is important to note it is a malaria area and medication should be considered. Some people like to have yellow fever vaccinations as a precaution – they aren’t however mandatory. A valid passport and visa are a must.

Popular honeymoon destinations in Zanzibar

The oceans around Zanzibar are pristine and as such many honeymoon couples choose to spend their days snorkeling and diving around the area. If you haven’t dived before there are a number of instructors who will be willing to help and make it a fun new skill to learn for you and your new spouse. Prison Island on the west coast of Zanzibar is particularly popular among snorkelers and divers. Outside of the water, a city tour comes highly recommended. The cities most famous landmarks are visited and explained, and the local shops and markets can be explored for a number of exotic treasures. Alternatively, a spice tour is a great way to spend a day. Known as the “Island of Spices”, Zanzibar is famous for its spices. Taking this tour will see you travelling into the countryside to a number of small farms to see how different spices are grown and processed. You will also visit fruit farms and taste the local produce. Lunch comes standard with these tours. For a quiet walk among nature, the Jozani Forest is perfect. The high levels of humidity in Zanzibar mean that there is lush, dense tropical vegetation through which to wander and get to know each other better. You may even catch a glimpse of the famous Kirk’s red Colobus Monkeys.