Alternative activities in Mauritius

Activities in Mauritius apart from the beaches

Mauritius, one of the ultimate holiday destinations on earth, prides itself on its majestic beaches and quality resorts, all of which are part of the standard island getaway package. There is however a lot more to the island than just relaxing on the beach and room service!

Here are some alternate activities for those looking to enrich their vacation:

Mauritius is one of the most coveted golf destinations in the world. Most of the big hotels in Mauritius have first class golf courses. The guests residing in these hotels get many opportunities for golfing. In fact, increasing popularity of golf has culminated into international tournaments held in Le Morne and Belle Mare Plage.

Trekking and hiking are common tourist activities in the inlands of Mauritius, especially in the nature parks and reserved forest areas. People visiting Mauritius enjoy trekking on Pieter Both Mountain and the summits of Le Morne Peninsular. Strolling on the mountains and coastal regions of Mauritius also generates a sense of adventure and thrill within the travelers.

Shopping is one of the most popular tourist activities in Mauritius. The island is an ideal destination for impulsive shoppers. The central markets in the capital city of Port Louis are shopper’s paradise, filling the place with the scent of oriental perfumes and other exotic products.

So even on days that the beach and hotel don’t look as inviting as they should, tourists have several other ways to occupy their day at the ultimate holiday island!