Cape Town Honeymoon Packages

Cape Town Honeymoon Packages

Cape Town is the ideal combination of secluded beaches and bustling cities. While most honeymoon packages here don’t include international flight costs, many include local flights as well as transfers to and from the airport. Accommodation is usually set at a week but this can be tailored to suit your individual needs. Accommodation can be arranged depending on your price range, but the honeymoon packages often include fairly luxurious hotels including pampering spa treatments for the couple. Breakfast comes inclusive, and some packages have lunch and supper built in as well. At least one romantic dinner is generally catered for, with some packages including a cruise with this. Honeymooners are usually welcomed to their hotels with a bottle of sparkling wine or chardonnay, and many of the hotels include unpacking services so that you can enjoy some of the many sightseeing tours on offer rather than hassling with your luggage.

General info

The city of Cape Town is located on the southwestern coastline of South Africa, and falls within the Western Cape province. This cosmopolitan city has become one of the country’s top tourist destinations, and many international visitors have started buying land in the area. Summer here falls roughly between October and March, and temperatures can get pretty hot. The sea breezes however sometimes provide welcome relief. Spring and autumn are mild, but winter brings rain and wind and many people find it very uncomfortable to visit the Cape during this time. The South African Rand is the currency used in Cape Town, but the large numbers of tourists in the area have made it that bank and exchange centres have been set up throughout the city. Credit and debit cards are also widely accepted. Travelers Cheques can be used but the local markets and roadside stalls generally only accept cash. If you are an international tourist, it is strongly suggested that you take out medical insurance before travelling to Cape Town (or any South African destination). The private hospitals offer excellent medical care but it comes at a cost. The government hospitals are very cheap but are unfortunately understaffed and not the best option. Being a South African city, Cape Town plays host to 11 different official languages. English is however widely spoken and understood and there is seldom a language barrier for visitors. In terms of health, no vaccinations are required in order to enter the city and the tap water is considered safe to drink.

Popular honeymoon destinations in Cape Town

Cape Town’s natural beauty and cosmopolitan vibe make it an ideal honeymoon destination. The beaches are beautiful and are great for relaxing and tanning. The waters are a bit cold but couples can go on some diving adventures if they want. A trip up Table Mountain always comes highly recommended. The view of the city from the top is awe-inspiring and on a good day the sunset is amazing to watch. There is also a restaurant at the top where you can have a meal and just enjoy your surroundings. A number of tours are offered to give you a better sense of the city’s history. Robben Island tours are always popular, and township tours are starting to grow among tourists as well. Kirstenbosch Botanic Gardens is a great place for a romantic picnic, while the small fishing villages just outside of the city are ideal for this same purpose. The restaurants in Cape Town are adventurous and unrivalled, and there are numerous trendy nightspots for those wanting to paint the town red. Of course no honeymoon in the Cape should exclude a trip to the wine route. The local wine farms offer wine testing as well as guided tours and amazing restaurants. Wine can also be purchased from them as a wonderful honeymoon memento.

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