1time airlines to use ipads

1time airlines has become one of the first airlines in the world to let pilots use the iPad 2 as an EFB – Electronic Flight Bag. The EFB is an electronic device that supports pilots with pre-flight and in-flight operations. There would had to be a special application developed to make performing these tasks on the iPad 2 possible, and this application is probably only available to airlines (I have not seen one in the app-store). Being that the iPad 2 has been cleared by the FAA as safe to be used during flight, it means that us passengers too should be able to use it during flights. Whether we’d need to turn on the flight mode I am not yet sure. This is a great step by 1time to not only make their pilots work easier and more efficient, but shows their commitment to using technology. 1time have not yet said which route will be the first that they use the ipad’s on, but we think it’ll be the flights to Cape Town, as this is one of the most popular and busiest. How would this affect you as the passenger – it probably won’t. However hopefully this would lead to all the airlines looking to start using better technology to improve efficiencies.