December 2010 Holiday Packages

Looking to go away this December? There are plenty of options for you to choose from. December seems to be when most of us go away. There are many reason for this, such as that this is the summer time, it is also when schools close allowing us to take our children along with us, and this is also when we all typically take our main leave as most companies close for a certain period.

Most popular destinations for December 2010

This year, like most in the past, has seen two international countries be very popular with South Africans. These are Mauritius and Thailand. Mauritius has historically been a very popular destination for South Africans, especially for honeymooners, however recently Thailand has been coming up fast as a very close contending. Thailand has proved popular as it is fairly affordable, has stunning beaches, and still has that unique aspect to if, where not many people have yet experienced it. Also, unlike Mauritius, it gives the traveler the option of a large city holiday (Bangkok) or an island getaway, like Phi Phi. It would be interesting to see if Thailand slowly becomes more popular than Mauritius in the next few years.

Remember that due to their popularity December package Specials go very quickly, so if you are looking to go away in December 2010, you should book sooner rather than later.