Finding cheap flights

Using the internet to fly economically

When making travel arrangements, one of the biggest costs is usually the flights – which we all accept willingly. However, with some insight into ticket pricing and timing, the cost of the flight can be reduced substantially.

The internet has shaped the competitive nature of ticket prices online. Making booking of flights and tickets and being able to compare ticket prices from many different airlines to find the best deal simple and convenient for the passenger.
This also has an affect on prices for tickets minute by minute as passengers cancel and purchase tickets for the flights. A ticket on the same flight booked a few minutes later can cost more or less than the ticket you just purchased.

Many of the airlines offer certain incentives for tickets purchased online or directly via their own dedicated website and often adding surcharges to tickets purchased through different channels. It is important when you are pricing domestic flights, to consider any additional surcharges.

It is also not necessarily certain that a ticket booked as a return trip with the same airline will provide you with the best times and prices. Often purchasing each leg individually will allow you to schedule your departure and arrival at times more suited to your schedule and possibly at a better rate to get the best deal.

Because of the inverted-pyramid system of pricing seats that the airlines commonly make use of, it is generally accepted that the earlier you book your flight, the cheaper it will be. By booking early, you additionally avoid potential price increases and airport tax increases. However, airlines sometimes do release special prices at the last minute due to flights being under-booked.

While it seems obvious that the tickets will be cheaper online and not via a travel agent with overheads that need to be factored into the price, this is not always the case. While agents generally all have the same products, their individual relationships with the different airlines can mean customised deals. Travel Agents additionally have access to blocks of seats on certain flights during peak periods, giving customers access to seats at prices that aren’t available online.

A bit of research and some clever planning will go a long way to finding cheap flights that suit both your scheduled times and dates as well as your budget.