Kulula Airlines the fun continues

Kulula Airlines, one of the biggest low-cost airlines in South Africa are well known for their humorous marketing campaigns, and their latest offering is no different.

Their new livery, entitled “Flying 101″ sees Kulula Airways labeling each part of their aircraft with humorous captions. Designed by Kulula’s in-house graphic design team as part of the airlines’ strategy to demystify the industry for the average person with quirky labels on the aircraft indicating the airplanes components and machinery as well as pointing out the purpose of the equipment. The planes also go so far as to indicate the position of the captain below the cockpit.

The humorous campaign has seen the domestic airline’s plane traveling around the world several times and the plane viewed by millions with emails and social network posts including links and photographs of the quirky captions printed on the aircraft. Whether or not the campaign leads to more seats filled for the airline or not, the low-cost airline has definitely ensured the company’s bright green aircraft and its name are instantly recognised throughout the world.

The plane had been spotted by the public and the news of the humorous campaign spread throughout the internet even before the aircraft landed on South African soil and was featured on a number of leading international travel blogs while still en route to its home in South Africa.

The plane is reportedly one of a fleet of eight state-of-the-art Boeing 737-800 aircraft (each planned to have its own unique livery) that are set to replace the existing 737-400 aircraft currently in use by the airline.