Kulula and Group Buying

Kulula taking on the Group Buying sites with Daddy’s Deals, with love from kulula.com

Group buying sites are fast becoming the new wave in online purchasing and have quickly changed the way many people are buying goods and services online. The growth in the market in South Africa has been substantial over the last year with a growing number of sites now offering the advantages of group buying.

Popular South African sites offer customers top quality products and services at highly discounted rates using the power of group buying to secure these exceptional prices. The main purpose of group buying websites is to be able to provide goods and services that are substantially discounted from the normal price, sometimes as much as 70%.

Daddy’s Deals is determined to improve on the standard US-based group buying model that many local companies have emulated with deals that only actually become available after exceeding a preset minimum.

kulula.com has teamed up with the innovative entrepreneurs who created Daddy Long Legs Art Hotel and Old Mac Daddy Trailer Park in Elgin, to launch Daddy’s Deals. The partnership aims to provide consumers with exclusive deals and unique experiences at a fraction of the price and offering offers additional value to loyal kulula.com fans.

As one of the major players in the South African domestic low cost airline industry, Kulula.com are the first of the domestic airlines to provide such a unique ticket booking opportunity to consumers. This partnership allows both the consumer and the airline selling the tickets to benefit. The airline can secure a specific number of flight bookings during a specific period of time, while the consumer can take advantage of the discount they receive from the deal offered on the site.

The competition in the low cost airline industry is steep, particularly as the festive season approaches and the four major players compete for consumers. The partnership between the airline and the group buying site creates a whole new aspect to the competitive prices airlines can offer passengers and a unique opportunity for passengers to purchase tickets at below average prices.

Although the concept is new in South Africa, many overseas airline companies have made use of such partnerships, with success. And as Kulula.com paves the way for the South African industry, it can only be a matter of time before their competitors follow suit.