kulula launch daddysdeals.co.za

kulula is constantly trying to diversify their offerings to enable them to grow their customer base as well as revenues. The only reason I think kulula are able to do this is because their brand is so powerful already, being one of the first of the low cost airlines offering cheap flights in South Africa. The first time they expanded out they stayed within the travel industry and offered kulula holidays – which is one of the first websites that let you find, compare and book holiday packages online. They have now expanded out into the rapidly growing group buying sector by partnering with the same team who own and run some hotels in Cape Town as well as the Old Biscuit Mill. This is a little out of the travel sector, but I think still related as they are selling travel deals, as well as experiences. The difference between kulula’s daddydeals and all the other group buying sites are that they only send out two emails per week (instead of every day) and that there is no minimum number of people who need to buy the deal to “activate” it. Even if only 1 person buys the deal, they still get it. This is a great way for kulula to grow subscribers, revenue, and of course the fact that they already have 1 million* subscribers means they are starting from an excellent position.
Best of luck kulula. See daddysdeals.co.za

* assumption based on past publicly available information