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1Time airlines is no longer flying/operating. However you can use the booking tool below to search for and compare other airlines to help you find the flight you are looking for.

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Use the flight comparison tool on the left. Simply enter where you are flying from and to. Choose the date(s) you want to fly out and return, and then click “Search for flights”. The tool will compare all airlines flying that route on those dates. It will then list the airlines by the cheapest. It might not be 1time airlines that turns out to be the cheapest flight, but they will be included in all domestic flight comparisons.
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about 1Time airlines

1Time Airlines was founded in 2003 as a low-fare competitor to Kulula Air and the national carrier South African Airways providing scheduled domestic services within South Africa with a no fuss, no frills air transport service.

1Time started ticket sales in the beginning of 2004, with their first cheap flights starting on 25th February 2004, with three daily returns between Johannesburg and Cape Town airports.
They now operate flights to scheduled domestic destinations including Cape Town, Durban, East London, Bloemfontein, Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth.

1time Airline (1 time co za) is the second largest low-fare private airline in South Africa offering cheap flights ticket prices on selected routes. The business philosophy and marketing campaign of ‘more nice, less price’ is proven by their determination to provide a more pleasant flying experience for the customer at a lower price bringing air travel to passengers who previously could not take advantage of air travel in South Africa. 1time Airline has ten aircraft and currently offers around 33 flights per day on eight domestic routes.


1Time (www.1time.co.za) was founded by five entrepreneurial men with a wealth of experience in the aviation industry. Gavin Harrison, Glenn Orsmond, Rodney James, Sven Petersen and Michael Kaminski, through their aviation holding company, Afrisource Holdings, owned Aeronexus – an aviation company that offers aircraft management, crewing and aircraft maintenance services. Using this as a launch pad for setting up an airline, they raised the 50% funding required through Mogwele Investments, a black empowerment partner, and an IT group. 1time is the first privately owned airline to commit itself to a targeted 25% black empowerment shareholding.

1time also opted for ticket-less air travel, utilising leading edge technology for their Internet bookings and service centre reservations where passengers only require their identity book for check in purposes.

1time Airline currently operates a single type of aircraft. The eight MD80 type aircraft are stage 3 generation DC9 aircraft which is one of the safest and most reliable family of commercial jet airliners ever built.

1time appointed AVIS car rental and transfer service as their preferred partner for car rental, and the City Lodge Hotel Group for hotel bookings for their customers and have created a partnership with Nightsbridge and AA Travel to offer real-time booking services with Bed & Breakfasts and Guest Houses.

1Time have grown in just half a decade to hold the second largest share in domestic air travel in South Africa, carrying 120 000 passengers a month throughout the country at affordable rates.

1Time Routes – Cheap Flights South Africa

As you can see from the map above the routes that 1time fly include:
Johannesburg <-> Cape Town
Johannesburg <-> Durban
Johannesburg <-> George
Johannesburg <-> Port Elizabeth
Johannesburg <-> East London
Johannesburg <-> Maputo
Johannesburg <-> Livingstone
Johannesburg <-> Zanzibar

1Time info
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Contact 1time directly at https://www.1time.aero
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