Mango Airlines Specials

We will list the Mango Airlines Specials in order from the latest to the oldest that we have on record. Please note that not all of these specials from Mango airlines will still be available, as Mango specials typically sell out in a few days, or are only available for a fixed period of time.

17 August 2011 – You could get R100 Off your next Mango flight. See details of this special
5 July 2011 – Mango have 20 000 seats that are selling for great prices. Either R249 one way or 489 one way, depending on the route. See details of this special
25 May 2011 – This is a 30 000 seat sale from Mango. It included one way specials from R199 to R299, depending on the route. See details of this special

Remember that (typically) these specials are available only if you book directly on Mango’s website. They would exclude group bookings as well as peak periods – like long weekends, school holidays etc. Also, they normally only last for a few days, or until seats sell out.