Kenya Package Holidays

Package Holidays to Kenya

Because Kenya offers some of the best beach and safari holidays, there are many combined Safari and Beach packages on offer. Packages will generally include return flights from Johannesburg, airport taxes and transfers to and from the hotel /game park as well as breakfast and dinner. Some packages will include all local alcoholic beverages, limited number of game viewing drives or water sports which are popular at that resort. It is important to note that the packages don’t include statutory inoculations, items of a personal nature, and travel insurance.

Most popular areas in Kenya

Lake Victoria, the second biggest freshwater lake the world, is shared between Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda and although it is recommended to stay out of the lake due to pollution, the phenomenal scenery in the area makes it a popular favourite. Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya and is a lively mix of many cultures and people. Here you will find a large number of wild animals in the unique Nairobi National Park, set against the unusual background of high rise buildings. Most famous is the Masai Mara Area where the spectacular migration of millions of wildebeest and antelope happens every year, and is a huge highlight in many a visitors holiday along with experiencing the Masai culture in a local village. Mombasa is a stretch of coastline with unspoilt beaches and top class resorts where the breathtaking coral reefs ban be explored either scuba diving or snorkeling. Shimba Hills National Reserve, where Elephant, Leopard and Sable enjoy the forest setting, is a popular favourite.

Info about Kenya

Kenya, along the Indian Ocean coast of East Africa, has a colourful history having been under Arab and Persian colonisation in the 1300’s, Portuguese in the 1400’s, Islamic in the 1600’s and finally becoming a British colony in 1920. The result is a fascinating melting pot of cultures and traditions. The Swahili language spoken in Kenya is a mixture of Bantu and Arabic, originally the lingua franca for trade between the different peoples. English is the official language, and travelers will be able to conduct business in English throughout the country. The weather in Kenya varies as much as the geography, with Nairobi being cooler than Mombasa and Lake Victoria which are hot and humid, although not nearly as hot as the arid regions of the north and north east. Kenya has two main airports, Jomo Kenyatta International on the outskirts of the capital of Nairobi and Moi International, located in Mombasa. Visas are required for all nationals of countries not neighbouring onto Kenya, although you can apply for it upon arrival and do not have to apply for one beforehand.

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