Mauritius Weather

One of the premium holiday destinations for tourists across the globe, Mauritius is known as the ultimate holiday destination. Since Mauritius has a tropical climate, there are really only two seasons, separated by the amount of rainfall present in each.
From November to April, the weather in Mauritius is very warm and humid which contrasts with the cold and dry season from about May to October. The rainy season begins in December and ends in April, in this period, the average maximum temperature is 31°C, while the average minimum temperatures is around 24°C. Tropical cyclones sometimes affect the island during the months between January and March. The cool and dry period runs from May to October, in these months the average maximum temperatures vary between 29°C and 26°C, while the average minimum ranging between 19°C and 21°C.
The amount of rainfall varies greatly between areas of the island, in fact, the average annual rainfall is around 1 400 mm along the east coast, while along the west coast the average is only 600 mm and in the interior highlands reaches 4 000 mm.
Due to the relatively stable nature of the climate in Mauritius, it is a destination which is perfect for vacation all year-round. However, it is best to go when the rainfall is minimal, so as to fully experience the joy of a Mauritiuan sunset.