What are the Top 10 Travel deals

CompareTravel.co.za is the home of the original Top 10 Travel Deals for South Africans. But what exactly are the Top 10, and how do we find them. In South Africa there are currently plenty of travel agencies (large and small), as well as many hundreds of ITC or independent travel consultants. Although this is good for the consumer as we have choice, trying to find all the offers from all of these travel agents, and trying to pick which are the ones worth looking at, can take several hours, and you’d still be a long way off from actually booking your trip.
This is where the Top 10 comes in. We search through hundreds of travel specials, deals and packages each week from a multitude of agents. We’ll then divide these into various sections, such as domestic, regional, international, Island, Bush, Beach etc., in order to get a decent range. Once done, we’ll go through each deal/offer individually to see whether it is truly offering great value, something new or in addition to a standard package. These deals can come from any number of different travel agents and travel companies. We’ll then have one of our preferred travel partners create the same package on our site that either matches that deal or betters it. These deals are then put it on the list for the Top 10 Travel Deals of the week. In this way, we ensure you are able to quickly see the top travel deals available without having to spend hours searching around multiple, often difficult to navigate, travel websites. By then offering these packages through our own agents, we are able to ensure quality control and ensure that we are best able to assist you with your travel.